Date: Jan 24, 2007 8:38 PM
Subject Intelligence?

When he was in the minority, West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller wrote a memo laying out Democrat strategery to undermine President Bush’s Iraq policies. It was a key part of the Democrat effort to regain power.

Now he’s Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Rockefeller’s opening new attacks. This week, he accused President Bush of “walking away” from the war on terror. He said our intelligence community is failing and our intel on Iran and North Korea is poor. And because of Bush’s “misplaced fascination” with Iraq — which was based on faulty intelligence — we don’t have enough money for education, health care, the environment, or homeland security. “It’s all…the result of something called Iraq. I am furious about that,” said Chairman Rockefeller.

Well, time for some facts. Out of their “misplaced fascination” with appeasing anti-American leftists around the world, American liberals have deliberately weakened our intelligence worldwide. Beginning with the Carter Administration, they downsized our intelligence agencies, they took intel agents from the field, and they wrote stupid laws limiting agents’ contacts and who we could hire as agents! And we paid the ultimate price on 9/11.

Out of their “misplaced fascination” with political correctness, they’re still raising hell over the Patriot Act and President Bush’s program to put terrorists here under surveillance.

We don’t need intelligence reports to tell us that there are terrorists in Iraq; we know that! We know Iran and North Korea are threats. The only ones who don’t seem to know it (and accept it) are liberals. In short, the only intelligence failure is among the Democrats — like the esteemed “Intelligence” chairman, Mr. Rockefeller.

Date: Jan 25, 2007 8:13 PM
Subject Tories

When Americans fought our first war for our freedom, prominent politicians aligned with the British. Calling themselves patriots, American Tories sought to undermine our victory during the Revolutionary War. Now, thankfully, they didn’t prevail — and today are a minor footnote in history.

During World War II, collaborators in occupied Europe were eager to appease one of the most evil regimes on earth. After the war, many such Nazi collaborators were harshly dealt with by their own populations. The treachery of some, like Norway’s Vidkun Quisling, will be forever remembered by history; they’re permanently linked with the evil that they embraced.

The struggle against Islamic terrorism is no less epic than the struggle against Nazi domination in World War II, or against Communist domination in the Cold War. When 12 American Senators, 11 Democrats and one Republican, approved a resolution declaring that winning the major battle in the war on terror is not in our national interest, they crossed a serious divide. Our troops are courageously fighting in the theatres of war; victory — not defeat or appeasement — is their mission. It’s what they sign up for!

Joe Biden, John Kerry, Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer, Bill Nelson, Barack Obama, Robert Menedez, Ben Cardin, Robert Casey, Jim Webb, and Republican Chuck Hagel — Senator Betrayus — have aligned with the professed strategy of Al-Qaeda, to cause America to run from battle in the face of casualties. Like the Tories of old, their actions will be remembered for exactly what they are: shameful.

Date: Jan 26, 2007 7:15 PM
Subject Union Blues

In the 1950s (and for those of you in Rio Linda, that was the 1950s), about 35 percent of America’s workforce belonged to unions. By 1983, that number shrank to just a little over 20 percent. After hovering at 12.5 percent in 2005, unions were back on the decline last year — losing over 300,000 members from their ranks.

Those gloomy numbers explain a lot. Unions blame their decline on economic shifts that have resulted in more outsourcing of jobs once held by union members. But there’s more to the story (as there always is). Most telling is the contrast between the private sector and government workforce. In the private sector, only about seven percent of the workforce is unionized, whereas [in] the government sector 36 percent of the workforce belongs to unions.

Now, this is one reason why government and the private sector are heading in opposite directions. I mean, even with occasional economic bumps, our private sector economy has soared in the last half-century, and more individual Americans are soaring with it — without unions. On the other hand, if you want to see paralysis, look at government — Big Government — on local, state, federal levels — all.

These numbers also explain why Democrats are hell-bent on helping their buddies in organized labor who, in turn, provide millions for their election campaigns. Also explains why they inserted legislation granting airport security workers collective bargaining rights into a homeland security bill. It explains why they target Wal-Mart and other successful private-sector companies that remain non-union. And it explains why Democrats will never, ever support a decrease in the size of government.