I tell you: I am almost qualified for so many of these positions and I’m quite nearly mad at myself. Perhaps in the future I can give it a shot.


Senior External Technical Director
Provide hands-on technical expertise to assist external projects. Help increase communication between all projects.

Lead Software Engineer
Lead and manage all technical aspects of a next-gen, original IP project. Work closely with all members of a team to evaluate feature, schedule, and risk trade-offs. Collaborate with other Lead Engineers to leverage technology efforts. Provide strong engineering and architectural skills. Ensure technical excellence and the creation of high-quality tools and code by engineering staff. Integrated Marketing Manager
Responsible for developing integrated marketing campaigns from creative development through production of all marketing materials; advertising, logos, sales materials, web, packaging, POP etc. International Production Assistant
To assist the members of the International Production department in the production of LucasArts’ international titles, and perform miscellaneous departmental duties as needed. Accounts Payable Clerk
Process accounts payable in an efficient, timely and accurate manner. Financial Analyst
Analysis and Reporting within the Finance department. Quality Assurance Lead Tester
Manage the QA effort for the assigned project(s); which includes managing all internal and external QA resources, drive all testplan creation, work directly with Production to verify all milestones and represent the QA department in Core meetings. Lead Animator
Partners closely with the Project Director, Producer and Lead Artist to address all issues related the projects animation. Including: defining the stylistic vision for character animation, establishing and maintaining the aesthetic and technical standards related to animation, contributing accurate scheduling information to production department. Additionally, the Lead Animator is responsible for effectively communicating these objectives to the team of project animators on a daily basis. Director of Public Relations
The Director of Public Relations will direct and manage the activities and the personnel of the public relations department. Public Relations Manager
The Public Relations Manager will enhance communication/feedback between players of the game and the development team for Public Relations and Marketing benefit. Senior Public Relations Manager
This is to announce an opening for a Senior Public Relations position within the Marketing Division, reporting to Director of Public Relations.