Date: Dec 15, 2006 6:37 PM
Subject Warning….

Not long ago, New York’s Mommy Mayor Bloomberg banned transfats in restaurant food. Wait till he hears about this!

In The British Medical Journal, a bunch of “health professionals” have published a list of ways to combat obesity. They want warning labels in large-sized clothes – giving a helpline phone number for the obese. They also advocate taxing sugary and fatty foods, banning snacks and sweets at checkout counters and at kids’-eye level. And they want a central government agency in charge of obesity.

On a related note. The New Year will soon be upon us. Some of you will go the gym, hand them your credit card, and sign membership papers. Then all year you’ll fight pangs of guilt – for never going there to exercise. This year, forget the guilt. The AP reports that too much exercise may be bad for you.

Yes, aside from injuries – those who exercise too much can suffer from “oxidative stress.” This can create molecules known as “free radicals” – which can damage your cells and your DNA, and, over time, can cause cancer.

This is serious! Exercise causes cancer! We need studies to measure the deadly effects of secondhand exercise. Further, exercise should be banned in public places – and the media should stop promoting exercise to young people in ads, movies, and TV shows. All exercise equipment should carry a warning label: “Exercise is known to cause cancer.” We need congressional hearings to discover how long Big Health has known about this…and lied to us!