Date: Dec 7, 2006 7:35 PM
Subject Mostly Healthy

Well, when Democrats complete their hostile takeover of Congress in January, the House Financial Services Committee will get a new head: Barney Frank. The Massachusetts congressman says he’s going to delve deep — I mean, “deep” — to find out why some Americans aren’t reaping the benefits of a mostly healthy economy. That’s the “Number One problem” facing America, he says. Now that Democrats are returning to power, you see, the economy is “mostly healthy.” That’s good. But still, Congressman Frank says that there’s an “increasing disconnect between growth in the [GDP] and the well-being of the average citizen.” (And you average citizens know who you are.)

Speaking of head (a-hem), poverty has now reared its ugly head in the ‘burbs; people are leaving the inner cities and the poverty’s following. The Brookings Institution saw it; they just issued a report revealing that for the first time, the suburban poor outnumber their inner-city counterparts — even though the economy is mostly healthy. The reasons won’t sit well with the PC crowd: there’s now more racial and economic diversity in the ‘burbs –- and a huge influx of immigrants.

But the larger question remains: Why isn’t everybody well off in America? Why does life’s lottery smile upon some — and leave others in squalor?

There’s only one way to find the answer to this question (which has flummoxed America since it was founded by rich white guys). We need a bipartisan study group to come to consensus and make everybody understand and be happy about this. A Baker-Hamilton Economic Inequality Study group to show us the way forward so that someday in our lifetime every American can be rich — have everything they want in a mostly healthy economy!