Date: Dec 4, 2006 7:25 PM
Subject Lead by Example

This week the Supreme Court heard arguments on two cases that the Drive-By Media says may be the most important education decisions since Brown v. Board of Education — which desegregated schools in 1954.

The cases — from Seattle and Louisville — were brought by parents whose kids’ school assignments were made to satisfy race-based “diversity” goals. Hundreds of pro-affirmative-action civil rights protesters were bused in to support diversity, affirmative action, and state-sponsored racial profiling (and all that) in the skrools.

Now, the day before hearing the case, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said on Fox News that the Supreme Court has to look beyond the Constitution to come up with rulings. Judges must examine the “real-world context” — not the Framers’ intent — because society is constantly evolving, he said. According to Breyer, the Supreme Court’s limit of free speech via Campaign Finance Reform — despite the explicit Constitutional ban on laws that limit free speech — was just “leveling the playing field.”

Given your positions, Justice Breyer — juxtaposed with these diversity cases — why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Forget the skrools! Look at the Supreme Court: Seven white guys, one black guy, one white gal. That’s not a level playing field, Judge! That’s not diversity! Justice Breyer: go beyond the Constitution. Look at the real-world context, man! Resign. Now. And demand your seat go to a black woman. Then urge the other liberal justices to give their seats to Hispanics. Lead by example, sir, and show us how it’s done!