Date: Dec 6, 2006 6:53 AM
Subject Save Us

New York City’s board of health, and Mayor Bloomberg, have decided the 24,000 restaurants in the City should ban cooking oils that contain trans fats. Some experts claim trans fats are worse than saturated fats – because they might lower good cholesterol and raise the bad stuff.

Mayor Bloomberg says: “Nobody wants to take away your French fries and hamburgers,” – he says he loves them, too – “but if you can make them with something that is less damaging to your health, we should do that.”

Big Food has been turning away from trans fats on its own – no doubt, in part, to keep swarms of vulture-like lawyers from doing to their industry what they did to Big Tobacco.

But it’s not enough! Trans fats must be banned in restaurants to ensure the health of citizens. So how can the mayor blatantly ignore all of the supermarket food with trans fats? Why is that exempt? What about the children who unwittingly consume snack foods loaded with transfats? Don’t their little lives matter? They’re going to be tax payers someday. What about the other foods that are killing people who are too dumb to eat healthy? How can New York’s board of health sit idly by, while idiots consume cholesterol-laden eggs and cheese?

From sun to sun a mother’s work is never done. Your mommy wouldn’t stop at banning trans fats in restaurants … so mommy government shouldn’t, either. If you’re going to do a job – do it right. Don’t cherrypick, Mayor Bloomberg! Ban all the bad food out there – and save our lives! We can’t do it ourselves.