For posterity I reproduce it.

Dick Daly and Farris Goldstein co-edit an online column and community with interests in, among other things, the promotion of the National Review Online, and more specifically, promoting an awareness, love, and general obsession for its editor-at-large, Jonah Goldberg.

Ultimately I reprint/reproduce/re-repesent/outright steal this stuff as a tribute to Jonah Goldberg, and in part as some sort of continuous apologetics.

The series is a justification for my praise of Mister Goldberg, and a sort of reference for why I believe that he is underrated. I assert he deserves more respect from many and a few right-wing folk.

Assuredly my series will go on as long as I feel it needs to, essentially poking, prodding, praising Goldberg Files and other fun items. Setting all that aside, picking up Dick Daly and Farris Goldstein’s old works, as well as Eric Spratling’s, is cheaper and faster than coming up with a lot of my own ideas, especially when it isn’t my thought that counts.

As it is I’m not going to bother reprinting all of the respective chatter from the G-Philes. Life’s too short and that is their work, totally regardless of my point.