I arrived early yesterday afternoon. I arrived in the Sacramento area around 2 or 3 PM and was firmly in the city proper around 4 PM. I did not inform my bosses; I am still finding my way around this place.

Hit the ground running? That’s me! I have no intention of killing the momentum gained from South Dakota and I certainly won’t let it be taken by a three or four day drive across this wonderful nation.

It will take approximately two days (less time than that actually) to get the lay of the land here and figure out everything but once I do… only unfamiliarity with the local politics and the geography can slow me down and nothing can stop me.

Except getting fired. Maybe I’ll pay the expenses through PayPal donations…

I’m not getting fired.

I get the impression that my mother suddenly make look at this. She notes the time stamps for posts (so she has an idea when or if I sleep), knows what “blogs” are, and quite possibly I know for certain now that I can’t post swears or controversial pictures.

Anyway, for right now you should all keep yourself busy examining the construction of the USS Ronald Reagan.

I hereby petition for membership in the Bear Flag League.