In resonse to Chuck Dixon’s review:

A couple quick things because I’m on a pay-by-minute connection currently

1) Too much backstory for all the characters? Wha? Were you really that drowned in the dark history of, say, Wash? And what’s wrong with that sort of thing anyway– it’s a common device in media that we get introduced to a bunch of characters and then find out things about them gradually. Should “Star Trek: TNG” watchers have never been introduced to Picard’s brother, Riker’s old Captain, Worf’s father’s supposed crime, Data’s “twin,” etc? And since you like watching “Lost” I find it extra strange that this sort of thing would irritate you….

2) Um, I never had a problem understanding what the characters were saying, to the point of needing subtitles. Unless of course they were speaking Chinese, in which case you’re not supposed to know anyway.

3) Inara wasn’t just a whore, she was a courtesan trained in the highest levels of lovemaking, manners, etiquette, companionship, etc. “What world would this happen on?” Try Japan, a couple hundred years ago. Firefly’s “Companions” are pretty much souped-up versions of Japanese geisha.

4) The Western aspect, in appearance if not just in theme, was obviously meant to deliberately parallel humanity’s new tendency to settle on bleak, harsh worlds with America’s old expansion into the Old West. It’s obviously carried to extremes for artistic effect, but it’s not too much of an suspension of disbelief to think that six-shooters and the like would be easier to mass-produce/cheaper to purchase than lasers (or that “frontier” clothing was a lot more practical than most anything else).

5) The dialogue.. okay, yeah, it’s hard to disagree with you. Joss Whedon’s characters, although they do differ in tone and characters aren’t usually interchangeable (e.g., Jayne wouldn’t make a joke meant for Kaylee) the characters always sound like what Joss THINKS they would sound like. It’s a filter. And you like it or you don’t. I can see why someone wouldn’t.

I would go more into it but my time is expiring….

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Posted by Eric Spratling on August 19, 2006 at 10:21:56