I still have liscense to reprint this stuff. Hard to believe he hasn’t seen this program until recently; harder still to believe that he likes it as much as he does.

Didn’t care for it.
The suspense level was nil in most of the episodes.
The imponderables piled one upon the other until they distracted from the storyline.
It was a by-the-numbers ensemble show where every character has a backstory that is revealed little-by-little in dull flashbacks. Each character had a “moment” in each episode to either re-define them or bring up a cryptic element to make them more “interesting.” But no one’s story was advanced to any great degree. I know the series didn’t get a full season but after 14 episodes I think we should have advanced a little, bitty bit.
And “space western” shouldn’t mean chaps and cowboy hats and people saying “shucks” a lot. Star Wars is a space western and there ain’t a cowpoke in sight.
Any show that also requires me to turn on the subtitles option so that I know what’s going on is also in trouble.
I was willing to give it a chance and kind of enjoyed the first few episodes. But the dealbreaker for me was Princess Whore-a-lot. I got tired of the elevation of a woman who trades sex for cash to the level of a Shaolin monk. What is this fascination H’wood folks have for prostitutes? It’s like those movies where the cop falls in love with a hooker. What world would this happen on?
After that I began questioning everything. Who would believe the pilot and the woman warrior as a married couple? It was never credible for even a second.
They travel through space at FTL speeds but everyone’s packing six guns. Thye HAD laser/maser technology.
In what economy would carrying LIVE cattle over lightyears of space make sense? Did anyone ever see them take on the tons of feed they would need?
Why did everyone talk so tough but never actually stick to any of the tough decisions they made. “We’re not going back to rescue them. But now we ARE.”
The Jayne character (who should have been the ship’s captain instead of the cipher they had) acts alternatively crazy brave or cowardly as the story demands.
And EVERYONE talked in cute exchanges. This worked on Buffy because the core characters were teenagers filled with self-esteem. But we never saw Giles joining into these over-articulate teen-speak sessions. On Firefly, everyone, even strangers or new arrivals, talks in the same “ain’t I clever” patois.
It’s a sci-fi show that kept breaking my suspension of disbelief. And I have a suspension of disbelief made of pure titanium. I liked CONGO for pete’s sake!
And the music…The country music industry should sue over the theme song. And the “folk” music sprinkled throughout the episodes was painful.
I know the show and subsequent feature film have lots of fans here. But I’m always asked if I watched the series and I’m just posting to say I have and was left wanting.
And how DID that feature film happen? A failed TV series gets greenlit for big budget, big screen treatment? What’s next? THE ROPERS: THE MOVIE?

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Posted by Chuck Dixon on August 18, 2006 at 13:36:52