I am leaving on a week-long business trip on Sunday moring, August 27th. My flight departs at 7 AM.

I will be in Arlington, VA for five days where the Leadership Institute will train me in the ways of the Field Representatives. I will return the following Saturday and then depart again for my work in the field, which will last three months but I will likely get opportunities to write while I am out there.

In my week-long absence Apologies Demanded will not enter into a total null. The weblog will remain semi-active because I, ironically, have obtained a guest writer. Michael Hutchison, creator and webmaster of Monitor Duty, as well as the last editor-in-chief of Fanzing and the owner of theHutch.com, has volunteered to occasionally (and thus irregularly, based on his availability) take over and post political stuff for the next week. That will be whatever comes into his head, but since he has a comic book site already, I imagine that only political commentary will be here. If you came for comic stuff, goto Monitor Duty for that week.

Hopefully the hit-count will not substantially drop in the comic weeks, just because I am busy becoming a better human being. That means I will be a professional earning an income.