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Wolverine, John Byrne and Old Age.
Busted Knuckles Looks At What Super Heroes Have Their AARP Card.

Ceredo, WV. (August 14, 2006) John Byrne and Wolverine. You either
agree with them or you don’t. Main thing is you always know where
they stand on things. Like fine wine it’s always an interesting
discussion if either age very well. This week in Busted Knuckles, Beau
Smith agrees with John Byrne on the subject of one of the most popular
X-men ever, Wolverine.

Speaking of Busted Knuckles, this week’s episode also brings you a
new talent on the rock scene in the form of the Busted Knuckles Babe
Of The Week as well as turning your TV into a time machine with the
Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week.

All this and more so much Beau Smith manly sweat that athletes are
trying to use it instead of steroids.

Just click on the manly link or cut and paste it…What ever it takes to
get there.