This week Wictory Wednesday presents Doug Lamborn for Congress for
the 5th District of Colorado.

Doug Lamborn is a solid conservative with a history of fiscal
restraint. He supports reforming education to give more choices to parents
instead of dumping more money into a bloated bureaucracy. He believes
there should be little to no federal role in education as those decision
should be best left up to local areas to determine their own needs.
Education is the absolute key to continued economic development and
sustainability and it is clear that school choice will once again produce
schools and students who are representative of the greatness of this

Senator Lamborn understands that the problem with health care in the
United States is not because the government isn’t in charge, but because
the government has skewed the incentive system away from consumers.
The solution isn’t to remove the consumer even farther from the equation,
but to put the consumer square in the middle and allow them to make
flexible choices for their own health care.

The use of eminent domain to take property from the disenfranchised and
give it to the enfranchised has left those on all parts of the
political spectrum a sense of fear. It was only a matter of time when the
Court gave local governments the right to kick people out of their homes
that those governments would stop paying fair market value for the
properties they seized. Senator Lamborn understands private property rights
as a foundational aspect of our society, government, and nation. Our
freedoms are not something granted by the government out if its
magnimity, but these are rights inherent in our society that the government is
not free to intrude upon.

Senator Lamborn has won endorsements from the NRA, the National
Pro-Life Alliance, and the Club for Growth as well as many other conservative
endorsements. Please consider helping Doug Lamborn win in November by
contributing or
volunteering for his campaign.

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