The current episode of Alias is the two-hour Series Finale.

What does ABC do with this? When does ABC air this?


They are airing it on Monday night from 9 PM EDT to 11 PM EDT.

How are the regular viewers supposed to find the show if they don’t watch the credits or the advertisements normally? It was never on Monday night before! It’s been on Sunday nights, Thursday nights, and finally on Wednesday nights.

How were the regular viewers supposed to find the episode that ties it all up? How? How many were expected to double-check TitanTV, any parts of the internet, their local newspaper, or TV Guide?

What is worse is that if you are a fan of this genre, or just specifically a fan of 24, they (those fine people at ABC) put the first hour of the series finale up against the second/last hour of the season finale of 24!

It was moved at all because “Lost gets first dibs over Alias on the ABC schedule, of course.” But why was it moved to Monday night?

ABC has never thought too much of ALIAS. They respected the program and its loyal viewership, and returned to the loyalty of the viewship of a series that was never a big hit, ratings-wise, only by keeping it on. They didn’t do much else with loyalty, of course, by introducing multiple, long hiatuses, rendering it a schedule orphan, and just being so inconsistent with the scheduling at all. But because (among other reasons) ABC has had this kind of relationship with the show it has low ratings. So they cancelled it instead of bringing the program back for a sixth season; since they have so little faith in the dead program now or nor do they like the makers enough to give it a possibility of good ratings, they are putting it up against a ratings blockbuster with the fifth season of 24 and the television juggernaut of the season finale of 24!

If you are a fan of both shows (and how hard is it to be a fan of two spy shows with equal vintage with writing of equavalent intensity) then ABC has screwed you to some extent. How do you choose which to watch and wish to record? What if your Monday night is a busy night? What if you are in the habit of recording both shows regardless of what you watch live? Which do you record? Without proper PVR service you are doomed.

ABC doesn’t care; it’s all the better for 24 in their minds if all the 24 fans that are Alias fans just desert the show of Jack Bauer to see the very last Alias. Or it’s just a ploy to sell more DVD season sets.