In something called Mencius’ Cyclops Appreciation Scans #5: Cyclops vs. The Blob, which is actually just a post on the Comic Battle Message Board, there are scans of 3 pages from a comic where Cyclops demonstrates his powers, confidence, and talent.

The pages are from X-Men #112, which was written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Leinil Francis Yu.

Now it is certainly debateable whether this is a well-written scene. For one thing Random is a sort of gooey, amorpheous character with a history of getting blasted and shot up by all manner of powerful characters, including Cyclops’ brother Havok, and Random simply reforms almost immediately afterwards. Basically Lobdell just pulled a stock character from Marvel’s somewhat large iventory of Mutant characters and had the image inserted without heed to what the character actually did. The actual debate on the board was whether or not the Blob should be vulnerable to Cyclops’ attack. In the issue in question Cyclops laid out the villain with minimal effort.

Demonstrating that it was not a fluke are two issues of X-Factor. Both issues are written by Louise Simonson.

Essentially it’s a safe bet that no matter how well the Blob stands up against opponents like the Hulk, Hercules, and Wonder Man he can not resist Cyclops’ optic blasts under certain circumstances. His powers are not mere blunt force, which the Blob is certainly immune to.

Something that probably won’t stand up to close examination is how the heck Cyclops took out Random. Random is supposed to be indestructable. Apparently the plot was god. It doesn’t really matter though; I never read the story, never cared for the plot of it, and I don’t like the Random character anyway. Why defend it?

(I will download the images, just in case).