I watch Lost on Wednesdays. That’s about it. The rest of the time the TV is on as noise. There is no actual reason to have it on otherwise; it’s sad that it’s on at all for that matter.

(Hopefully I can comment on Lost later).

Both ABC and NBC have launched two new crime dramas, entitled The Evidence and Heist, respectively. ABC has square-jawed white guy Rob Estes and Orlando Jones, best known to me for Evolution and The Time Machine, neither of which seem quite preparatory for hard-edged crime drama, but maybe that’s just me. Maybe Orlando Jones has range. The advertising bills it at as a sort of CSI where the audience is presented with the “evidence” (“what will we name this show?”) before the characters get to see it, play with it and whatnot. The promotion for Heist doesn’t list the players but tries to sell the show with a style sort. Wednesday night for NBC means Law and Order but NBC actually moved the show from 10 PM to 9 PM, in part to promote the new show, I believe. Heist is implied to be important enough that Law and Order changed time slots and NBC presented it as a big deal. The advertisement actually states that there is a new first for the program and it does “something that it has never done before. Change times”. I wish I was joking. The Evidence starts after Lost with a 10 PM time slot. I’m sure it is more interesting than Invasion. I am more interested in The Evidence than Invasion. I won’t watch The Evidence either.

CBS has its current crime shows from Criminal Minds at 9 and CSI: New York at 10 PM. Of course it has sitcoms at 8 PM. There’s a strange comedy with Henrey Winkler and Jennifer Tilly and either one of those two creeps me out. 8:30 has an odd comedy that I am sure those TeeVee folk wish would die already. At least Courting Alex delivers a paycheck to Jenna Elfman and a refugee from Ed; the other refugee ended up as an unloved monkey. Criminal Minds is a psychological thing with weird “genius” freaks spouting pretentious things while catching killers. One of the co-stars used to play Greg on Dharma & Greg and the titular Alex for that sitcom is played by the woman who was Dharma. I think some show scheduler is overly proud with himself for how clever he thinks he is.

ABC also starts its Wedneday night line-up with sitcoms. In the early fall it used to be the encore episode of Lost but apparently that was only temporary; it doesn’t matter since Lost has so many reruns now that tonight having a new episode was actually a shock. The sitcoms are The George Lopez Show and the Freddie Prinz Jr vehicle. It’s called “Freddie”. Tonight actually had the gayest crossover I have ever seen. I had Lopez’s show on for noise while I was washing dishes and while George and his sidekick waited to beat the head in of a supposed pervert we the audience finds the pervert to be Freddie and his sidekick. I only wondered for three seconds if it would continue into the next half-hour. Five minutes later my minimal thinking was confirmed. I didn’t watch the second program all the way through. It cannot be done.

Fox has Bones. They moved the show from Tuesday to Wednesday night a few weeks ago. I can almost enjoy the program and certainly enjoy it more than the sitcoms but if Bones had one effect similar to engraining itself into my brain… I didn’t notice that effect. I’ll put it simply. I forgot it was on. That’s easy for me to do. The shows after that were a half-hour of American Idol and then Fox’s bunker game show.

I won’t go into Pax’s shows. I will say that I wish I could have see the PBS programs, but I was busy. It had space and stuff.

I also did not see the Heat-Pistons game. I always assume that the Pistons win, regardless of who Shaq thinks he is.