In defiance of TitanTV listings we have the following.

CBS continues March Madness. Fox switched off to affiliate programming instead of NASCAR and so WSYM Fox 47 threw us an ending of Frasier and an episode of DaVinci’s Inquest. WXMI Fox 17 gives us some Soul Train Music Awards special.

NBC has more golf. I hate gold on TV.

The early Sunday afternoon sucked as it was mostly sports with no alternative. Fine interest to some but hardly universal; it’s a good reason to read a book. I think I used the time to sulk; I don’t know why.

PBS consists of WKAR rerunnig Mark Phillips’ wine-tasting program. That seems mildly entertaining.

I don’t know what ABC is doing nor do I care.

For Pax we follow WZPX 43 which has switched to a time share of WB and so is playing an old episode of Charmed from a couple of seasons ago. This small story arc introduces Rose McGowan to the show; she’s most well-known to me for this series and also for showing up to an awards show as Marilyn Manson’s date while wearing practically nothing. Ironically is she didn’t try dressing to stun she would practically anyone as she is quite quite quite pretty. She’s also a busty redhead. If Pax wasn’t WB we’d see from WPXD 31 that it would just be infomercials.

As for anything further I do not want to go into it.

WKAR 23 started out swell this afternoon with the McLaughlin Group. I love that show; I wish I could see it earlier in the weekend.