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I’ve wanted to write about this for some time but I’ve never taken the time to set up my own political blog.

Encountering those “Bush speech vs. Hitler speech” web sites, I’ve looked into those and concluded that they ARE similar. No, really.

Bush praises the fine men of the American army and hopes God will watch over them in battle.
Hitler praises the fine men of the German army and hopes God will watch over them in battle.

Bush talks about America having a destiny.
Hitler talks about Germany having a destiny.

Bush thanks his hosts for a lovely supper.
Hitler thanks his hosts for a lovely supper.

In other words, if you took all of Hitler’s speeches and removed all the gun seizures, forced relocations, annexations of neighboring countries, racial purity, socialism, denial of all rights and property to ethnic groups, the required yellow stars and pink triangles, the encouraged destruction of stores and businesses belonging to certain ethnic groups, and, oh yeah, all the Jew hatred, cattle cars and death camps, then you’d be left with speeches of which several very generic and common politician phrases could be similar to Bush.

Because Hitler’s crimes were, as you know, his speeches. It’s his speeches that were bad. When you look up Hitler in the Encyclopedia, it says, “Made speeches about patriotism and God. History’s greatest monster.”

I guess it was inevitable. Hitler and the Nazis ruined a lot of fairly common and acceptable things, like short moustaches, the goosestep and the up-til-then innocuous swastika symbol… and now they’ve ruined generic phrases about being proud of your country and asking for God to watch over the military.

Goosestepping creeps us out, but that’s because we mentally associate it with a regime that killed six million Jews. There isn’t actually anything intrinsically wrong with goosestepping. If some guys in a marching band started goosestepping, we may tell them that it’s socially inappropriate because it reminds us of the Nazis…but we wouldn’t immediately conclude that the marching band WERE Nazis.

Hitler mentions God a lot, but if anything this just strikes me as playing the crowd. Does anyone really believe that Hitler dropped to his knees to pray, read from the Bible regularly or actually believed in Christ’s teachings? Here in America, we’re used to hearing politicians talking religion while not actually believing in it; this doesn’t mean all politicians mentioning God are just engaging in manipulation. I think Bush is a believer and Hitler isn’t, and just finding sentences where they say similar, fairly common sentiments about God does not prove anything.

On a related note, love of country was not invented by Hitler.

In so many important ways, they are dissimilar. Hitler said, “All of our problems are caused by the Jews. Let’s take away their rights and property, destroy their stores, relocate them into ghettos, then finally cart them away and kill them.” Bush says, “Islam means peace. We should not suspect all of our neighbors just because of the actions of a few of their religion who were from other countries. I’ll visit mosques and invite Muslims to our 9-11 ceremonies. We’ll even strip search old white ladies, wheelchair-bound Japanese men and black two-year-old girls, even if no one ever seizing a plane has ever fit that description, and we’ll prohibit nail clippers and sewing scissors and take away the pointy-edged Medal of Honor from a veteran, all at great inconvenience, wasted effort and wasted billions, just so Arabs and Muslims won’t feel singled out at the airport.” That’s a fundamental and important difference.

We won’t even delve into the distinction between the Jews’ biggest crime being that they owned stores in Europe, whereas America was attacked by Muslim terrorists. It’s just not the same thing.

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How do you make Bush like Hitler? According to Eric Spratling, “you have to think like a complete moral imbecile.” Let’s not let the inconsistencies between a Hitler speech and a Bush speech stop us.

See, here’s how you get around those inconvenient facts:

You equate gun seizures with the government retaining the option to see who’s checking out books about how to build bombs from GOVERNMENT libraries.

You equate forced relocations of seemingly-arbitrary ethnic groups/cattle cars to death camps to with Guantanamo Bay, a holding area for prisoners of war with yearly reviews for detainees. Where detainees are given, three meals a day, health care, regular religious services, and other “luxuries” that the majority of the detainees didn’t get in their home countries. It must be the only death camp in history where the detainees leave literally heavier than when they came in.

You equate racial purity with, um… “house Negroes,” I guess.

You equate denial of all rights and property to ethnic groups with “denial” of marriage rights to homosexuals… which is ludicrous, of course, because homosexuals never had marriage rights to begin with, and the argument is about the definition of marriage– to say that the government is denying gays the right to marry makes about as much sense as saying the government’s denying me the right to have a two-way conversation with my refrigerator– but never mind that.

You equate yellow stars and pink triangles with, um… civil unions, I guess. Or maybe long lines at airport security. Yeah, that’s it.

You equate the encouraged destruction of minority-owned business/property with… question-asking visits from the FBI or Secret Service to local Arab foreign nationals whenever the President is going to come to town, maybe. Or warrantless wiretaps, perhaps. Sorry guys, I’m running on empty; I can only force my brain to think like a complete idiot for so long.

Seriously, though: that’s all there is to it. Just fill yourself up with mock outrage about non-starters, and BAM! Everyone you don’t like is a Nazi, and therefore you are always the hero for standing up to them. It’s fun for the whole family!

There. All set.

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