Most of the general walkthroughs for the current generation Spider-Man 2 game (created for the current three consoles and based on the movie) are scant on the specific data I want. I have already beaten the game, I just want to track down details.

Finding the Hideout Tokens Walkthrough

The hideout tokens, since they are located inside structures on the ground level of the New York City simalcrum that we play in, are difficult to find at best. This walkthrough should help in theory, but there remains the caveat that it was constructed from/for the Gamecube port and I can only hope that it was translated successfully from the Playstation 2 on the way there.

Boss Arena “Walkthrough”

This walkthrough is also based on the Gamecube port but I cannot beat the Calypso character on my own knowledge so hopefully its input is equally valid.

Yes, even the official IGN walkthrough is inadequate.

It’s also inadequate for the one section of Metal Gear Solid 2: the Sons of Liberty, that I needed help on, and it still offers minimal assistance for the first boss fight in Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time