The movie Chicken Run ends with two weasels debating which came first, the chicken or the egg. It obviously is cliche, psuedo-philosophical and silly.

The answer, I believe, is the chicken. The chicken lays the egg and the chicken sits on the egg in order for it to later hatch. From a Christian perspective and a Biblical perspective that really is the only way that makes sense. Even from a maddening secular perspective the egg has to have something set it for hatching. God can make eggs, hundreds of thousands of eggs, but only a diety wanting a major omelet would create that many chicken pre-embryos without roosters to fertilize them or chickens to hatch them.

God created chickens, at least one hen and one rooster out of whatever celestial matter He used for the act(s) of Creation, in order so they may do their business and reproduce in however manner that they are set to do. With one rooster and hen you get more than one egg and from there you get chicklets which eventually become fully formed, grown, and matured chickens (being hens and roosters themselves).

My original notion was that the egg could not have come first and that the question is in its own way stupid and illogical. No one asks which came first, the human or the baby.

(Human eggs only exist in fully-formed humans, go figure).

So the secular perspective is typically evolution.

This track is a funny one. Following from beginning to end we have cells. We have paramecia (single-celled lifeforms that lack brains), then we have multi-cellular lifeforms. We have jellyfish, invertabrates, and trilobytes. We go from trilobytes and invertabrates to fish with spines. From fish came apes from apes came proto-man and from these pre-men we get human beings. At what point does a fish become a man?

It takes a tremendous stretch of imagination to believe or even formulate cells arbitrarily forming actual fish and then fish-forms of some sort, amphibians, to give birth. Somewhere in the cycle something that is expected to lay eggs gives live birth to some other sort of creature. Somewhen long before that something that otherwise should have been created from cellular fission, from splitting apart or budded off, laid an egg and in that object was a new lifeform in sudden question.

I can imagine some critter being really pissed off at finding a baby instead of a critter-ling popping out of its egg. I wonder why it didn’t eat it.

This is why evolution doesn’t make genuine sense to me. Suddenly something is what it isn’t or was what it isn’t or it doesn’t belong in its original nest.