According to Reuters, today Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards accused Vice President Dick Cheney of being out of touch with real American people.

“I think he is out of touch with the lives of most Americans,” said Edwards, a North Carolina senator. “I think as a result of that, it’s very hard for him going forward to provide the kind of vision of hope and opportunity that this country is entitled to and needs.”

Edwards, who was chosen by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry last week as his running mate, said Cheney had a “dramatically different” view of the world than his own.

“I come from a family where my father worked in a mill in rural North Carolina. I was the first person in my family to be able to go to college,” said Edwards, who was a successful trial lawyer before becoming a senator.

At the very best this is a pot calling the kettle black. Nominally I’ll say that it’s cow calling bull shit. As Josh Elder noted, Edwards’ accusation took a lot of stones to make, although I’d wager that he sued for them.

As statements and notions go, this is quite rich, as Edwards has been the one maintaining the idea of there being “two Americas”. I’d also be hard-pressed to believe that a prosecuting attorney would have a mindset closer to that of a common man than an oil executive.

I’ve seen the man’s house; he could easily be mistaken for an oil baron; John Edwards is not the common man.