Rather Kerry apparently fudged the minumum requirements to become Vice President. Either that or he lowered the minimum qualifications (which isnt up to him anyway). In addition to that, Senator Edwards might not be as much as an asset for the Kerry Campaign itself, as Mr Kerry apparently initially calculated.

Michael Graham’s Michael assertions of Edwards aren’t really flattering of the man. Personally I wasn’t surprised at Edwards being Kerry’s choice, given the man’s performance during the last few months. I want this guy less as VP than I want Kerry as President. In my mind you have to earn your dues. There’s no way that a man should hold the number two spot if he’s just entered the group. Edwards is a one-term Senator; I cannot recall any more. Prior to this single government position he was a trial lawyer. Let me put it this way. No man ever enters a field anew and expect the number one or the number two position to be his second job.

more later