John Kerry wrote a letter to President Bush challenging the incumbent to a debate regarding the Vietnam War. Apparently he wants to directly compare war records.

From the viewpoint of the logician Kerry is vastly under-prepared for such a conflict. He his own history is too shaky to gain any substantial benefit or credit from the thinking voters and pundits. What this will do is raise the level of enthusiasm of those who already support Kerry, apparently blindly in the case of portions of Kerry’s historical record.

Kerry’s words:

“You and your campaign have initiated a widespread attack on my service in Vietnam, my decision to speak out to end that war and my commitment to the defence of this nation.”

After a short stint commanding a Naval Swift Boat and recieving three minor wounds he returned home and was instrumental in the presentation of lies and false testimonies regarding atrocities and war crimes committed by American troops to the American people and thus poisoning the public’s mind against our boys. He not only challenged our leaders on the war, but slandered our defenders and champions. Even working up to modern days his legislative voting record suggests a less than consistent take on American national security issues.

“So it has been hard to believe that you would choose to reopen these wounds for your personal political gain. I will not sit back and allow my patriotism to be challenged.”

Then he should start killing bloggers and pundits because his patriotism has been considered challenged. Heck, the PC crowd should call him “patriotically-challenged”.

“If you want to debate the Vietnam era… then I am prepared to do so.”

That’s a lie. In any case I doubt the President would dispense the time just to deal with what would be petty and empty accusations and charges against his service with the Air National Guard. Beyond personal attacks towards the President, it would just be an opportunity for the ignorant to attack the National Guard and those who serve within.