Comedy Central is set to run a television show parodying Bravo’s “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy”. The show is called “Straight Plan For the Gay Man” and Newsweek has ran its article on it. The criticism isn’t that surprising then considering that it isn’t from a balanced source but part of the liberal media.

“Each week the “Flab Four” help a gay man realize his dream of passing for a day as a hetero. Why any self-respecting gay man would have such a dream is unclear.”

Yet it goes unquestioned why any self-respecting heterosexual would enjoy getting judged, barked at and his taste insulted by five freaks. As a human being I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to stand out of a crowd for any reason at all. It could be something else, though. Newsweek‘s Devin Gordon wrote the article but this is published eleconically by and on MSNBC. This is the defensive from the company which owns Bravo and runs truncated installments of the program every so often on its broadcast network NBC. I’m blaming General Electric.