U.S. surrounds key buildings in Baghdad

This quote says it all: “U.S. forces barreled into the heart of Baghdad with a dramatic show of force Monday and met pockets of fierce resistance.” Well, it almost says it all. But this does count as progress; we’re close to utter victory. Unfortunately we still take casualties and Saddam has yet to be found either alive or dead. There are several bits of good news. “British officials said troops found a body in southern Iraq that they believed was the notorious Iraqi general known as ‘Chemical Ali.'” His death has yet to actually be confirmed according to British Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon, although there is strong evidence. “Al-Majid, a cousin of Saddam, gained the nickname ‘Chemical Ali’ for ordering a poison gas attack that killed thousands of Kurds in 1988… His death should show the people of southern Iraq ‘that the regime is finished,’ said Group Capt. Al Lockwood, spokesman for British forces.”

Another highly amusing bit of information, somewhat ironically: the remains of the Iraqi old establishment are in denial. “Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, standing on the roof of Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel, denied his city had been invaded. Sirens could be heard as he spoke and clouds of dust blew past – remnants of a sandstorm and smoke from oil fires set by the Iraqis to obscure targets.

“‘They are sick in their minds. They say they brought 65 tanks into center of city. I say to you this talk is not true,’ al-Sahhaf said. ‘There is no presence of American infidels in the city of Baghdad, at all.'” Riiiight.

Unfortunately it’s not close to over.