As a Sociopolitical conservative I believe we should be slow to panic, ever prudent, and slow to adjust our attitudes in regards to the events of our world.  Naturally this Ebola thing tends to annoy me only because people are quick to embrace fearful suspicions of horrible conspiracies and a wave of death.  Which is not to say that Ebola is not a deadly disease and that we should not be reasonably wary but that we now know enough about the virus so that we can be reasonably wary.  Michael Fumento, a writer who has made his career arguing against fearmongering, elaborates as a counterpoint to Roy Spencer, PhD.

Sadly, the U.S. right-wing is freaking out over Ebola. They’re convinced it’s a CDC conspiracy. Thus a man I tremendously respect regards global warming decides to venture outside his area of expertise and writes: “With increasing concerns that Ebola apparently spreads more readily than we were told . . .”
Note the passive voice. Who’s concerned? I’m not, and I know more about Ebola than anybody I personally know! The two American nurses infected had SUSTAINED CLOSE contact with the index patient. So far it appears a couple of hundred people with lesser contact have been tested and none have been positive. PLEASE use a bit of common sense, folks! Ebola was discovered 28 years ago. In that time That’s a lot of time to study a virus. More obvious is that in those 28 years it’s never been able to sustain transmission outside of one part of Africa, where health care conditions are ghastly and people scrub the blood, feces, and vomit off the bodies of loved ones before burial.
So if you’re not a health care provider to Ebola patients, meaning they’re vomiting, pooping, and bleeding on you, and you’re not scrubbing down their bodies… CHILL OUT!

Not that I am an expert in virology myself. I am not overly concerned.