Ewell M. Owens writes, in part, on reflection to this article in Practical Politicking on Astroturf “Tea Party” Purity for Profit organizations bilking people under the auspices of “non-profit” patriotism:

We still have fools out there who have their own selfish agendas and they seem to be more concerned with their own popularity than they are with our Nation. I don’t think they can harm us for the Mid Terms .. it is too late for that .. but I expect to se them cause problems when the presidential elections roll around.
Example. Tonight I decided to do something I’ve not done in a long time .. watch Hannity. I never miss O’Reilly or Megyn but I stopped watching Hannity long ago when he went off the rails and into Far Right La La Land. It was not 13 minutes into the program before he was speaking with who he calls the Great One .. but who I call the Angry, Ugly, Snotty, Selfish, Lying, Sourpuss Mark Levin.
They go from rightfully criticizing Obama to wrongfully criticizing the Republican Party, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner. Hannity smarts off with, “We can stop Obama .. we have the power of the purse. Nobody has tried to use that power but Ted Cruz and the GOP shot him down.” Then Old Ugly Sourpuss steps in and says Boehner gave the power away long ago and we can’t count on the Republicans, etc., etc. He goes on to say that the GOP has taken impeachment off the table and on and on. Who the Hell are these Dippy Idiots working for?
There is no question that both of them know that without the Senate the House can do nothing .. they both know that the House has hundreds of Bills in the Senate Hold File .. they know that Reid has squashed them.
I’ll answer my own question .. who are they working for? I’ll even throw in a why. It is not the Democrats .. though they are helping them. IMO, they are working for .. and paid by .. the Greedy Purity for Profit PACs who are making millions of bucks by making false claims that should be illegal claims in that they gather donations from under informed groupies under false pretenses .. saying that if you elect one of the Tea Party Backed Candidates, they will see that Obama is impeached, ObamaCare is appealed, we will have term limits and a balanced Budget Amendment.
ALL of this is FALSE .. it is ALL LIES. They know it and they all know that it would be easier to make elephants disappear or instantly turn water into wine. They have no such plans .. and they have not been spending the money they collect to support the candidates they claim to support .. nor have those candidates been winning in the Primaries. They are feathering their own Damn Nests! That has been proven over and over and over again .. it has been published in many forums .. they have been exposed and I am still surprised that there are so many people out there who believe their nonsense!
I probably shouldn’t be surprised because we know that the uninformed, misinformed, under informed will vote for the wrong people. Obama was elected twice. But these people who have hijacked the legitimate grass roots groups of concerned citizens who spontaneously rose up and made legitimate demands .. the Tea Party .. are not our friends .. not the friends of the GOP or the Tea Party.
It is hard to find a Conservative who can say that they are NOT a Tea Party supporter .. we all support the principals and demands of that original group .. but these people an those PACs don’t represent the Tea Party anymore than Hamas represents the Palestinian people who are against war or the Black Race Baiters represent those Black Americans who are tired of seeing Al Sharpton’s ugly mug and hearing Holder and Obama spout nonsense every time they get on TV.
Do you know what happens to your donations? Very little goes to candidates if you give to these five organizations.
It’s a scenario that has become all too familiar. You’re frustrated with the gridlock in DC; you’re sickened by the burgeoning national debt; you think the country has gone to “hell in a hand basket” under the current administration and party leadership; and then you get a direct mail piece, or an email, or see an ad on the web that promises change by supporting candidates who embrace your ideals.
Hopeful and excited to learn that there are organizations willing to fight for what you think will “fix this country,” you grab your credit card and fire off a donation, confident you have contributed to a worthwhile cause. If only it were so!
The reality may well be far from what you believe, and have a right to expect; in fact, you may be sickened to learn the truth about how little of your money actually goes to directly or indirectly supporting candidates and their campaigns.
This article is not a piece of commentary about beliefs or ideologies; airing concerns openly can be constructive, civil debate can be productive, and incumbency shouldn’t equate to job security.
This article is about the hijacking of a movement that started in 2009 by the modern equivalent of the “Old West Snake Oil Salesman.” Slick, fast-talking, and capable of whipping a crowd into a frenzy, they travel from town to town peddling their promises of “change.’
The problem is evidence indicates they care far less about your ideals and far more about your money – taking it and making it their own. It’s an ideological Ponzi scheme; they use donations to generate more donations, by creating sensationalistic ad campaigns to persuade donors they’re getting value, and to scare or guilt them, and new donors, into sending more donations.
Here are five very recognizable organizations that spend vastly more on fundraising efforts than on support for any candidate.
Check it out .. see how much they spend on candidates.

This was taken without a hint of permission.

Now Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are fairly suspect people in this scenario.  They do take money from these organizations and advertise for them in turn, not out of patriotism but for a buck.  I don’t condemn any radio show host for advertising.  The blame is in fomenting blind antagonism in their listeners and maintain an environment of false expectations.

Mind you, is it a coincidence that Levin and Hannity get their respective highest listenership, viewership, when the economy is bad and national pessimism is high?  They don’t want anyone to succeed in helping rebuild stuff, especially the Republicans.  Levin gets his cash from yelling about how everything is bad and why everything is bad. It would be bad for him if stuff was good.  If he had an influence at all, and I cannot say for certain, would that represent a conflict of interest of any sort?