from Practical Politicking

From a Politico news alert:

[Tennessee state Sen. Jim Tracy will not contest the results of the Aug. 7 GOP primary in the state’s 4th District, handing scandal-ridden Rep. Scott DesJarlais a 38-vote victory in what many had seen as an uphill battle for renomination.
Tracy was considering contesting the results but decided against it, despite citing some irregularities in the vote. “I am not willing to put the State Republican Primary Board, the Secretary of State’s Office and Division of Elections, the County Election Commissions, the campaign staff, my volunteers, my family and the public through additional weeks of litigation, with uncertainty as to who the nominee will be,” he said in a statement Monday morning.
“A contest would not be the right thing for the Republican Party and the conservative cause in Tennessee,” Tracy said.]

Somebody should point this attitude out to Chris McDaniel, because Jim Tracy is a class act, and McDaniel is notably not.

Practical Politicking is correct of course. Tracy may have a further future. McDaniel has destroyed his. I hope McDaniel has a deep abiding ache in his chest for the next fifty years because of this.

Jim Tracy 2012.jpg
Jim Tracy 2012” by TNEnvironmentGov. Bill Haslam Presents Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grants. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.