For the obligatory annual Super Bowl ad this year, Coca-Cola showed this with the hashtag/theme #AmericaIsBeautiful.

I hope I can gather the concentration long enough to go over the broader implications and impact. I knew Michigan’s Dave Agema would be deeply offended. For my part I think it’s just a pretty commercial. The commercial managed to serve as an unintentional Rorschach. Glenn Beck looked at and saw a cause for sociopolitical division and a self-righteous rant.

The Raw Story covers Beck’s quiet tantrum.

Glenn Beck: Coca-Cola trying to ‘divide people’ with inclusive Super Bowl ad (via Raw Story )

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Monday reacted to a Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial that included people of different cultures singing “America the Beautiful” by insisting that it was a cynical plot to “divide people.” After Coca-Cola’…