There is something I learned fairly recently, and was cemented in 2013, that when it comes to a particular path, I’m like Stitch here.

Now the .gif got rendered for tumblr as how you feel when your “committed”volunteers flake on your political race.

My situation is different.  To an extent it is self-generated, crafted by professional disappointments, some at my own hand.  That happens.  We get up and dust ourselves off.  If we do not get up then it is actual failure. The attitude though is simply this: while I cannot say that the Republicans have ever moved to the Right of me, a good number of people within it whom I otherwise would ask to work with have taken views that I find unfathomable or unconscionable.

When it comes to doing stuff for money, I will do almost anything within morals or reason, faith and logic.

I am not talking about loneliness.

This is about frustration with blogging.  A lot of the old school bloggers retired with good reason.  The intelligent ones mostly retired.  Some, like Ed Morrissey, simply got absorbed into Michelle Malkin or or PajamasMedia.  I never kept track of the RedStaters.  The old master of retired long ago.  Many of the old right-wingers turned out to be left-wingers.  They simply aligned with George W. Bush because of the Iraq war but in the end they turned out to adhere to a left-wing Orthodoxy very quickly.

What most rightwing bloggers think of amounts to an Orthodoxy, usually blindly worshiping a flavor of the month Republican politician.  Cults of personality are not Conservative in the slightest but I find bloggers and 501(c) idiots worshiping at the alters of panderers or worse: ideologues.  We have fallen into a Glenn Beck universe.

I cannot swim in the same pool as dogmatic people.  I like philosophy, not dogma, not ideology.  The problem is ideologues.

There are exceptions.  And to be truthfully, brutally honest, I want to work with or alongside VodkaPundit or Zo or Glenn Reynolds or all of them so very badly.

For an appropriately sized check I will craft very thoughtful works, record it and place it on the internet to entertain and enlighten.