I despise writing like this, typically finger-vomited out by feckless morons, regardless of ideology or political bent:

Trucker Dave

2 months ago

2008! This is 2013. That’s five years. If he was an attorney he was
representing the views of his client. Now he is a Tea Party Senator. He
is reflecting the views of the Tea Party and their strict constitutional
stance on 2nd Amendment rights. At least we know that he will fight
tooth and nail for the people he represents and will not always just
follow along with the main stream tyrants in Washington, D.C. At least
he is using the U.S. Constitution as his guideline of thought unlike
Resident Obama, McCain, Harry Reid and the rest of the Obama Nation
elite. They just make up what they are going to do on the fly without
any regard to constitutional restraints.
Senator Cruz took a big step fighting Obama Nation Health Care for
the People of the United States, to stop lawmakers from passing laws
that they exempt themselves from but expect the governed to live under
regardless of the negative impact on their lives. Whatever Senator Cruz’
drawbacks may be, at least the voters can have a dialogue with him and
get results if the People’s position is not popular in the Washington
Now everything from the government shutdown, to the failure of the
government to create a budget and limit it’s spending is being leveled
at Senator Cruz. I would trust Senator Cruz with my 2nd Amendment rights
far further than I would Senator Feinstien’s radical left wing stance.
The criticism of Sen. Cruz is raging non-stop and will continue as long
as he is being considered as a Tea Party Republican presidential choice.
My questions to his criticism are these: If he shutdown the government
can someone please tell me when he opened it again…I didn’t catch those
articles? If he is against 2nd Amendment rights so strongly why does
every 2nd Amendment supporter in the Tea Party still support him? And,
if his stance got the Republicans to support a delay of the individual
mandates in the Obama Nation Health Care program and that caused the
shutdown the government, why are the Democrats considering delaying the
program now that the shutdown concluded. The answer to each and every
one of these questions lies in the fact that the Democrats and their
liberal sidekicks in the Republican Party don’t mind using the press to
destroy people’s credibility, inconvenience the American people,
discount 1/2 of the voting public that supports conservative goals and
even shut down the government to make sure that any good idea becomes a
Democrat supported idea and not a Republican one. Meanwhile the
Democrats call for an end to partisanship in almost every public
appearance. There is no bounds for their hypocrisy.
If Sen. Cruz was indeed a hypocrite, I would be the first to call him
out on it. But I do not, in my opinion, see this clearly reflected in
this article. I do however see the liberal, anti-constitutional
hypocrisy spelled out every day in attacks against the conservative Tea
Party. We are growing larger and we intend to restore our American
Constitution and the Republic for which it stands. Deal with it.

“Trucker Dave” is obviously one of the narcissistic internet creatures that flounders about seeking attention, demanding address as if he possessed dignity and then writes imperative sentences as if he is steeling for a genuine confrontation, even when people don’t care if he lives or dies, let alone see him as a living challenge to their status quo.

Never mind that “we intend to restore our American
Constitution and the Republic for which it stands” is mildly plagiarist, intentionally allusionary, definitely pretentious, and unavoidably corny.  “Deal with it”.  There is nothing to deal with.  It makes me weep, however, that people who are politically on MY SIDE, in this country, are so damned STUPID.