dick111314My friend the Baron just sent me a link about an artist that has painted several Republicans on one of my favorite media, velvet.  In this case he has painted them on Tijuana Velvet!  Now let me be absolutely clear. I love velvet paintings.  I own no velvet paintings.  One of my few regrets in life is that I did not even ask how much that velvet painting of Bruce Lee was at that garage sale at the Olivet Fighterman’s Festival those years ago.

I’m excited.  I got excited.  Let me calm down and explain.

Of course I am a Republican and a conservative, for reasons I’m not going to right now.  More relevantly I love velvet as a medium for painting.   Years ago my brother and I saw a painting of Bruce Lee on velvet and it was wonderful.  I assumed it would be expensive but failed to just plain ask how much it costs.  So we left it behind to my tasteful regret; this painting was glorious.  I don’t own any velvet paintings, in part because I don’t collect much in the way of art.  However, I know what’s wonderful.

So today my friend the Baron found this website which displayed some work from this company that created velvet artwork of various Republicans, created with the intent to mock various icons of my Party as fascists.  Their artistic intent matters little to me as their commercial intent resulted in some wicked awesome velvet paintings.  I did indeed post a link to their ebay store.  The important point is that I desire the Velvet Painting of Richard Nixon!  If we can engineer circumstances under which I may possess this object I would be pleased.