On the 26th of October 2015, and I paraphrase, Mark Levin condemned various politicians and directed his listeners not to “follow the frauds and phonies who make promises that can’t be kept.”

I wasn’t listening; my buddy Tony was listening he posted it on the Facebook.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt when he says he is not regular listener.

I sometimes tune in to talk radio when I’m driving just to know what the crazies are saying and thinking. Trying to stay informed, you know. Also, I apparently don’t think my blood pressure is high enough.

My occasional tune-in is because the music stations are running advertisements or I’m curious just how a talk radio star will tell his listeners what they want to hear; their disinformation was especially interesting when the cults of personality arose around inconsequential bits of political theater, such as the fauxlibuster surrounding “defundt”.

Although that got tiresome.

Last time I listened to Sean Hannity I was driving to a friend’s house to drink, smoke cigars, watch the first GOP primary debate for the 2016 cycle, and tweet until I was too buzzed to type on a touchscreen properly under 140 characters (of course I didn’t drive home).  Hannity performed a pre-debate interview with Senator Cruz.  Every time Cruz forgot a way to promote himself Sean swooped in to remind Cruz of a pro-Cruz talking point that Cruz missed.  It was the closest thing to a sex act I ever heard over the radio.  The eerie thing was that Cruz indicated directly during the radio the script he was going to use during the debate in lieu of actually answering questions.  He summarized his upcoming mini-speeches that he was going to recite during the time they allowed him to speak.  Hannity, more interested in buttering up an audience he presupposed loved Ted Cruz, failed to call the Senator on this upcoming deception. What could we expect?  Sean Hannity is not a journalist.

Nationwide syndicated AM talk radio pundits, for the most part, are like a particular breed of blogger but their audience includes that breed of blogger and that breed of political activist.  Let’s touch on the definition of activist another day.  I don’t want my blood to run from my finger tips.  These particular talking heads need to fill air time and please sponsors, and cast a message that appeals to a large but particular group even if that is at the expense of a larger group. Partisanship helps that nicely, but when the other party is a tired and boring villain, the general bogeyman is sought within your own party.  These days that bogeyman is called “the Establishment”. Senator Cruz is fond of calling them the “Washington Cartel”.  How appropriate are these labels?  I’ll answer that, you guessed it, another day.

These narratives with their Establishment villains require heroes to be manufactured and historical figures to be mythologized.  These heroes are not required to actually make strides against the foe or lay him low in any respect.  Rather than meeting the expectations set by my childhood reading of Saint George and the Dragon wherein the knight receives real wounds yet finally slays the monster we have politicians making speech, dictating ideals, promising impossibilities and achieving nothing because a speech is determined by his cult-like followers to be “a fight”.  Ted Cruz promised that he would defund Obamacare.  He lacked the votes.  He talked about repealing Common Core.  Common Core is a state issue.

Could Senator Cruz be the fraud and the phony that made promises that cannot be kept?  Is Senator Cruz the fraud and phony that Mark Levin was condemning?

Don’t be ridiculous.  Levin’s narrative to his intended audience disallows such direct acknowledgment of practical reality.

If Levin’s directive fit his regular narrative it condemned Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John Beohner, and many other Republicans in the dreaded “establishment”.

Given my tastes I won’t defend the politicians that Levin condemns nor will I praise them as my tastes are still more demanding in terms of accomplished goals and passed legislature towards an end goal of better governance and increased liberty.

Still: we can confidently assume that Mr Levin will never outright acknowledge his accidental irony at condemning his current hero.

You know, I think this got away from me somewhere near the end.  I enjoyed the meadering in the middle.  That’s neither here nor there.  The important thing is that you go to Amazon and buy a copy of the award-winning children’s book Saint George and the Dragon and you use this link to do it.  I enjoyed it as a young child and it helped warp my mind with violent depictions of blood and horror.

Coming up shortly is either a brief examination at the philosophical inconsistency of talking head Katrina Pierson or a look at the apparent incompetence of the Detroitcon (short for confidence man?  likely not smart enough) as he claims the chairmanship of the Oakland County Republican Party is a government office.

Although given how my brain functions you’ll probably just get cat videos.