bob rossThe opportunity to watch a live stream of every single episode Bob Ross’ PBS program “The Joy of Painting” has passed only in that the stream has already started. The program will end on November 6 so if you are the kind of human being that sleeps you won’t ever get the chance to see every episode because you’ll pass out while the show goes on. You’ll fall asleep or go mad from sleep deprivation. Mind you watching over 12k minutes or 200 hours of this 403 episode show may likely drive you just as mad regardless.

Perhaps the sleep would protect you from going insane twice over.

  Watch live video from BobRoss on

Regardless the show is brilliant. Bob Ross is deceptively brilliant. Twitch is the program/medium used for this celebration but if you have a heart or soul or a synthetic analogue of such you will watch this constant stream through my blog right here.  Because it relaxes you.

I’d be honestly surprised if someone had my blog open on their computer for 200 straight hours.  You’d be a madman at the start.

If you attempt this challenge and stay lucid yet found you missed the first episodes, youtube has an official Bob Ross channel with the full season 1 and all of its 13 seasons.

I think their official playlist of season 1 is out of order. You want to complain to the late Bob Ross’ public TV corporate overlords you go ahead.

I had to post this as soon as possible for the purpose of timeliness but in part I posted this because I’m attempt to warm up before I try to crack out an obituary for the late Fred Thompson.  He passed away today.  He was a great man and one of the few politicians I respected.  I’m certain my words will be inadequate.  Naturally all other posts will be delayed for this.