time-changeDue to Halloween I was apparently up until 4 AM EST.  My body is still set to Daylight Savings Time so my body thinks I was up until 5 AM.  I woke around 9 AM EST.

Right now my body feels like it is 10 PM EST.  I think it’s 10 PM EST.  It is 9:06 PM EST.  I suppose it would be 10 PM EDT but EDT is now off the table. It feels like my body is lying on that table.

You could suppose this is just a matter of my poor decisions but there are studies (to which I will not link right now) that suggest this time change actually endangers lives; people have died  because their bodies couldn’t cope. Heart attacks occur.  Car accidents happen.  A “friend” of mine said those studies were a waste of government money.  May he never lose someone to a circumstance defined by the time change, but if he did he’s too stupid to understand it.
Unfortunately I have no time to do a wondrous and thorough exploration of the time change.  Fortunately others have. Unfortunately you’ll have to google for them and I cannot help you right now. Aside from the moment where I decide to do something about this, because I am a political operative and the time change is nothing but government meddling in our schedules, I’ll come back to this when it is time to spring forward.  Spring forward is especially when we lose sleep.

Anyway, Joe Buck talked about the sleep we gained.  He is full of it.

But we all knew that Joe Buck was full of it.