black lives matter no lives matterI’m actually not a fan of death metal.  I’ve listened to some from the genre and enjoyed it.  I was a sporadic viewer of Metalocalypse.  Dethklok created some fun content and it was on the television when I was more or less professionally stranded in motel rooms on the west coast, seeking a means of profit and consequence.

It was an entertaining show with dark themes and a plot I cannot recall. I’m not even certain it was entirely satirical (let alone partially satirical) regarding the music itself, or the genre of music although it was obviously intentionally over the top regarding the characters and their respective conflicts.  But people listen to metal.  People listen to death metal.  Not all of them are nihilists.  Perhaps enjoyment of music, however, can be politically unifying if not spiritually healing.

I’m halfway certain, as I abhor racial politics, that “Black Lives Matter” is a left-wing hyper-dramatic over-reaction to something that was a hoax somewhere.  It’s manipulating people for whatever cause.  That cause and this movement is likely so temporary that exploring it likely is not as rewarding a use of my time as playing old video games and certainly less useful than vacuuming my kitchen carpet.  Actively researching Black Lives Matter is less useful, productive and consequential than listening to death metal.  It will not make me a better person. You need me to be a better and more consequential person.

Why are we talking about me?  That’s some digression.

People attempting to be both ironic and virtuous, which is both well-meaning, paradoxical, and really came off poorly in a strange partisan manner, like a peppermint fart in a gym class, started insisting that “All Lives Matter” as if this was not self-evident and as if the Black Lives Matter People really believe that exclusively Black Lives matter.  So the All Lives Matter People implied, purposely or accidentally, that the Black Lives Matter People were racist when the Black Lives Matter People claimed, earnestly or dishonestly, that they already knew that all lives matter and were reminding the world that black lives matter as much as everyone else’s and they didn’t want black lives to be left out when we considered whose lives mattered.  For some reason this reminds me of Kyle Bristow’s clumsy attempt to get a white ethnicity representation on the MSU student government; the large difference being that Bristow’s only intention was to attract attention in the most narcissistic way; racial politics were an excuse, not a motivation.  Ultimately his efforts made his associates look like terrible people.

Somewhere in this that teenaged con artist CJ Pearson decided to post on the Facebook a hypothetical nonprofit “Youth Lives Matter” or “Young Lives Matter” or some other derivative nonsense that is hopelessly unnecessary and ultimately just about promoting the kid for his own benefit.  I googled both phrases and can find no evidence he actually set up either idea.  I know he posted the idea. I don’t remember the exact words.  Ultimately this is less relevant than he is, and he is only as relevant as any other teenager.  Mind you it is always possible his relevance will increase when and if he manages to elevate just enough in sociopolitical stature to actually hurt the conservative movement, such as it is, or bilk money out of innocent people.

Then again CJ Pearson has already bilked money out of innocent people.  Logically he should be destroyed.

So let’s take it as an axiom that lives matter.  We can do this as an assertion of will or we can do this because God says so or because we believe God said so.  I believe life matters not merely because we exist and are God’s creations but because God has imbued us with value and meaning intentionally.  That imbuement is the difference between the value of us and the rest of the Lord’s creations.  We are not loved because He values us; we are valuable because He loves us.  Else why would a deity put any effort or take upon any pain to save such imperfect sinful fools?

So it’s redundant to say that All Lives Matter, let alone as a correction, intended or otherwise, to the Black Lives Matter People.  Since All Lives Matter then logically Black Lives Matter. Since all lives matter I see no reason to be reminded that one group of people matters.  If they earnestly seek reassurance than I see no harm in offering it to them.  If they’re self-indulgent people I see no reason not to ignore them.  People are not ignoring them.

Yet even when we the living walk around nodding at the idea that our lives matter, no matter how inconsequential, there are still so many of us that have put forth an enormous amount of thought into the matter and came to the conclusion that No Lives Matter.  Mind you since I haven’t noticed a group or event centered on this idea, I’ll remove the capitalization.  No lives matter.  That’s a simple sentence. We could say it’s synonymous with expressions of nihilism.  I would not.

I know people that actually believe no lives matter.  Perhaps that is simply an expression they espouse to amuse themselves.  Perhaps it is a viewpoint honestly held.   I know people that apparently believe no lives matter.  I know people that seem to genuinely believe no lives matter. I think maybe because they are goth.  Perhaps they are goth because they believe it.

As it is, I’m too old to judge the beholders of that value system.  Yet the idea that no lives matter can certainly make for entertaining music and in the end that unifies a lot of people.


Is GWAR a death metal band?  What is GWAR?  I’ve listened to GWAR.  Perhaps they are.  Wikipedia does not have them listed in their list of death metal bands. What does wikipedia know? More than I on this topic.

Regardless I continually request that if you must buy Christmas presents or birthday presents for people, or discovered a new love of death metal for yourself, you ignore all local businesses and purchase your stuff through that faceless megacorporation, Amazon, and since I am an affiliate, use my links because that benefits me.  Also tell your friends that I am awesome.  If you lack friends then make some (with the secret intention of doing so solely for the purpose of telling them about me).

Why do I do this?  Because I am desperate for attention for the long term goals of profit and consequence.  How bad could that possibly be?

Regardless I think I’m scheduling this to go live on Tuesday.  Then when I get around to it I will post it far and wide on social media, rather self-indulgently.    As of the moment I’m writing this I need to write stuff about Katrina Pierson, Thanksgiving Day, and Black Friday.  If I planned ahead I would have a Thanksgiving Week set of posts.

Then again if I had a larger audience I’d be doing nothing but exercise, socializing, politicking, networking, researching, and writing posts about holidays and history.  My apologies for missing the Edmund Fitzgerald 40th anniversary and the anniversary of the Marines, as well as Veterans Day.

I’m also behind on writing about Back to the Future Day.

You’re free to critique the structure of the essay as meandering if you wish, but the structure and style is deliberate and I’m well aware this is not National Review or a newspaper.  That said, I can adjust my style and structure deliberately to fit whatever medium you hire for which you hire me.  I know to not end my sentences with prepositions.

If you think I’m begging now, then wait until I have a Patreon.  Then you’ll see dedicated begging.