bobby_jindal_ap_605Bobby Jindal is not going to be President of the United States in 2016.  Bobby Jindal likely wasn’t going to defeat his
primary opponents to make it to winning a general against the Democrat; but you definitely won’t win against those people if you drop out of the race and the governor of Louisiana just did.  And then there 14.

Sadly among the 14 Notorious Candidates are a bullshitter Taft Republican from Texas, a speaking tour libertarian from Kentucky, the token female candidate whose sole virtue was being another in a long line of worthless HP CEOs, the token MD who thinks ancient Egyptians stored grain in pyramids, a First Amendment doubter who tries to use the State to steal homes from old women, the successful former governor of Florida, the successful governor of Ohio (and former Congressman), the most conservative governor New Jersey will ever have (and someone that successfully defeated their leftist political machines time and time again), a first term Senator from Florida that hates his job, the token veteran, and some utterly forgettable people.  It’s good to forget Rick Santorum.  It’s too bad we’ve forgotten Pataki and Gilmore.

When I say Ben Carson is a token MD, I don’t mean that Ben Carson’s token status is attributable to his race or ethnicity.  Ben Carson is not Token Black, the South Park character.  Republicans care so little about race, are so color blind about skin, that we sometimes overlook it so easily we don’t notice the skin color of anyone in the room.  That can actually offend some people.  Make no mistake: Republicans love medical doctors.  They seriously will work harder to have MDs on their side than womanizers for casual sex.

This does not apply to all Republicans.  I barely give a crap about a candidate’s collegiate performance, normally.  Yet there are Republicans that are obsessed with the ability to claim that a Doctor is on our side.  They love saying “Dr Carson” and they loved saying “Dr Paul”.  In fact Rand Paul is a doctor that cuts into people’s eyes, for better or for worse.  You could tell someone’s particular bias if they insist on using the title “Dr Paul” when referring to Ron Paul rather than his legislative title, Congressman.  “Dr Paul” rather than “Rep Paul” or “Congressman Paul” really means that the person uttering the words is a reality-denying nutjob that wants to portray his candidate as a political outsider instead of a career politician or Washington Insider.  That same way some supporters of Senator Paul want to deny his incumbency and focus on his doctorship.  That happens less often with the son than the father.  Either way both Pauls fit a role of token libertarian on a debate stage or in the press. Governor Johnson never had a chance against the high-pitched do-nothing pork-packed legislator.

There’s plenty of time to rip on Ben Carson.  There’s more time to rip on his supporters.  I choose to do neither. Support whom you want. I don’t support anyone because that’s what I want.  More importantly though we started this Primary with one candidate declared, the bullshitter, and numerous candidates expected.  At its peak our clown car was stuffed with 17 Notorious Candidates.  Unfortunately due to a number of factors including expense, bilko artists disguised as political consultants, and a failure to live up to high expectations, we lost three people incredibly qualified to actually perform the roles of Republican candidate and American President.  It is good that we are down to 14.  14 Notorious Candidates.  It is incredibly unfortunate for this country that we seem to wonderfully embrace a number of unprepared or Constitutionally-resistant candidates for our highest political office.

Mind you a bright silver lining to this cloud is that Jindal is young enough to run for President again after this cycle.  He says it is not his time.  He is correct. As he exits his present office in January he’ll work on/for his thinktank, America First.

In my opinion any candidate for the Presidency that possesses substantial executive experience is ideal, and any candidate without is anything less than ideal.  Resumes count.  Experience counts.  Private sector experience is good.  Being a lawyer does not impress me, no matter how impressive that lawyer experience is as a lawyer.  To that it’s alarming to see qualified leaders of government and Republicans drop out of this race while CSPAN talkers and reality show stars remain. Populism may finally do in our country.  As it is Governor Jindal was doomed from the start. Never mind that he never polled high enough to avoid sharing the junior varsity debate stage with Rick Santorum.  Long before that Jindal’s career was cursed when he delivered the Republican rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the State Address.  Very few politicians to deliver that counter-address have emerged unscathed from the experience.  Perhaps Marco Rubio is not cursed.  That reminds me: I need a drink of water.