Macomb reporter Chad Selweski argues in light of the Spartan’s recent domination over Ohio State

I would argue that, under the circumstances, the Spartans win tonight was the most impressive posted by any college football team this year.
Apparently some people (we all know who I’m talking about) are not impressed. Some out there are under the impression that MSU’s win tonight does not measure up to ‘Bama’s win over LSU.
Really? OSU is the defending national champions and they had a 23-game win streak going. Yet, they had their offense shutdown by MSU in their biggest home game of the year, and that especially includes their Heisman-candidate running back. And MSU managed to move the ball when it really counted even though everyone in the stadium knew they had a one-dimensional offense without Connor Cook.

LSU? Well, they just lost two consecutive games to unranked teams and they’re now in fourth place in their SEC division.
But, yeah, if you’re an MSU-hater who was rooting for the Buckeyes, I can see how you would see that amazing ‘Bama win as bigger than what we saw tonight.

The fact is that the Ohio State Buckeyes are an impressive team and it’s an impressive win. Too many haters present insist that a quality team’s defeat to a team they would rather not respect means that the team was not that good to begin with. That attitude is foolish.

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