Se Cupp bikiniSo on the day of the most recent Republican Presidential debate there was a hostile Twitter exchange between author S.E. Cupp and teenage con artist CJ Pearson.  This actually appears quite awkward.  On the one side is a young woman whom is very intelligent and incredibly attractive; opposing her is a teenage boy.

It seems unfair because it is actually incredibly unfair.

Not only does it appear awkward but there’s a very good chance that they only appear to be equals to some people and she will appear, or did appear, to be bully to this child.  It may appear that she’s bullying this child. It might appear that she bullied this child.

While S.E. Cupp outclasses the boy in every way due to age, experience and raw intellect, he did pick an internet fight with his better.  When young teenagers are given political influence and fame that wasn’t genuinely earned, they tend to get some incorrect assumptions about their own limitations and their role in how the world works.  Which means these prideful juveniles learn to disrespect their elders quite quickly. I noticed the exchange because the kid was incredibly inappropriate. Miss Cupp is forgiving and graceful. The Lady did not bully the Kid.

Now we could talk all about CJ Pearson and fake conservative wunderkinds until I turn 40 and die but I really don’t want to right now.  We can do that later.  I know the how and the why. Suffice to say that while I’m really behind on recording thoughts on this blog, Kevin Boyd will back me up when I say YES I predicted that he would turn Democrat months before the Con Artist turned Democrat.  My prophecy was off by a few years but the results were the same.  (That’s the sad thing about the Facebook, social media. I can make all sorts of predictions and they’ll come true but there really is no record. The worst thing about some mental inclinations is that no matter what I think and tell people, without a record saying “I told you so” comes off false).  Let’s talk about CJ Pearson’s little story and consequences later. Bethany Shondark wrote the definitive article.  The fun part of today is talking about a kid punching above his weight class.

The only background you need regarding THE CJ Pearson is that he branded himself as a political conservative for his own benefit and allegedly lied and broke several rules, and allegedly committed fraud to enable himself.  In the course of his brief run as a “conservative” he formally associated himself with Senator Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign and was assigned as the figurehead, the lead dog, a pet, in an organization where kids are props, “Teens For Ted”.  That is very creepy.  Shortly after he was exposed as a liar and fraud in a few of his claims he jumped rhetorical ship and switched sides so he could be praised by Democrats instead of Republicans.  I saw a fool once declare that he will return to his “conservative roots” some day.  Presupposition that he wasn’t faking an ideological standard is hilarious.

S.E. Cupp is a woman with an impressive body of work. She is not on television because she is a pretty face.  Everything she has and is done is because she worked hard and is qualified.  I cannot say that about most talking heads.  There are female pundits designed to be seen and not heard. They are pretty so they appear on a 24 hours news network during the day to fill air time.  During this time the programmers are hoping that the televisions are on mute so people will look at the pretty talking head and not listen to them.  I did not just describe S.E. Cupp.  S.E. Cupp is actually intelligent and if she physically resembled Steve Buscemi she would be just as qualified.  The mute woman to fill air time?  I described Katrina Pierson.  All of Cupp’s work is impressive and she is a wonderful thinker, quick-witted and substantial, and works as both an on-air personality and a written author.  Her one mistake in her career that I can spot?  She convinced Thad McCotter to run for President of the United States.

I’ll say this about the brat’s place in the world.  He achieved a level of notoriety that someone Miss Cupp responded to his trolling.

Apparently before the exchange S.E. Cupp issued commentary regarding Senator Ted Cruz and his alma mater.  Evidence indicates it was on CNN.

Here’s the thing: I’m not at all certain to what the kid is referring.  Neither Google nor YouTube reveals to me a transcript or an example of Miss Cupp referencing Senator Cruz on January 14th.

The Kid again tries to tell the Lady what she actually said. Then he makes an argument against his (mis)representation of her words.

Now I can say that being a Harvard lawyer rules out Ted Cruz being a regular guy but I will take Miss Cupp’s word that she did not say that.

The Lady is graceful and gives the Kid an out rather than calling him out on intellectual dishonesty.

He doesn’t take it.

He is acting uppity and she is acting good natured. What choice does she have? Given the situation the Kid put her in she chooses the correct tone.

The Kid defends Senator Cruz because despite the adolescent’s present allegiance, his brand is irrevocably attached to Cruz’s. The Pearson-Cruz connection is such that the Kid needs to defend his own past. Cruz is part of the resume and it must be justified. Pearson invested time and he does not want it wasted. Even if Cruz is inauthentic and the Kid knows it, the Kid must appear loyal to once and former mentor to maintain his own credibility. Ironically while burning off the credibility by misrepresenting and insulting an experienced elder stateswoman with a larger network.

The Kid spoke as if he were equals with the Lady. They are not equals.

As for the “eyes” comment? As an eye witness I noticed she deals with that a lot.

It’s funny that he condescends to her, especially with an imperative that 90 years ago would be used in a racist way, or 60 years ago in a sexist way. If the roles were reversed leftists may say she is being racist. She’s not. But it’s a bad move to say “you got schooled by a kid” when the Kid should very well solicit advice from her, not protect his resume. It’s a bit difficult to say whether he was thinking when he did this, but the Lady knows what he’s doing.

All in all this exchange took less than thirty minutes.  The Lady was tasteful and the Kid was childish.  She gave him rope and he hung himself with it.  It is weird that he was more condescending than she was.  She demonstrated grace. He demonstrated spite.

I have no idea why he told her to “wake up”.  I only speculate why he felt he “had to correct” her and “put her in her place”.

Sweet merciless Crom I’m glad there was not social media for people to catch me saying stupid stuff when I was that age.  Then again we had 14k modems….. this blog would have take an hour to load.  You should ask yourself “what did I just read?”  Two people you likely never met were arguing over the internet while getting increasingly spiteful.  That happens all the time. It’s strange that one is a barely prominent viral youtube figure with delusions of grandeur indulged by people that ought to know better while the other is literally a professional thinker.  The stranger part is if you actually read speculation, attempted mind-reading, by some guy in Michigan that also knows neither of them.


Of course a blog written by an under-achieved narcissist might end up written through stream of conscious.   At one point I composed a very fluid piece.  In the hour or so between the point the composition emerged in my brain and I could actually start typing, cracks appeared.  The thing is though, for all my florid prose this post is just a glorified twitchy article.

I touched on Katrina Pierson again.  That sounds inappropriate.  I also insulted her character.  That’s appropriate.  At some point I need to back it up.  I wonder how many times I can allege that a teenager is a con artist before I’m sued.

By the way, I have met S.E. Cupp, twice.  She doesn’t know me, thank goodness.  Whenever I meet professional thinkers I’m always thrown off just enough that I don’t know what to say.