There is a myth, a misconception, an outright lie knowingly and unknowingly peddled by “conservatives” (in some cases Ted Cruz supporters) that Governor John Kasich’s campaign is funded by arch-leftist George Soros in an attempt to spoil the GOP primary, perhaps to give the nomination to Donald Trump or something even more sinister but less likely.

As it is this story is tin foil hattery, a conspiracy theory.  Despite the mathematical impossibility of the Buckeye earning the Republican Presidential nomination without a convention, using this story to dissuade people from voting for him, and to disqualify him in a moral sense to other voters is disgusting and ideological libel.

In other words the people that repeat the story are jerks and should be treated like jerks.

The hard fact is that George Soros is indeed an arch-leftist and a Democrat that has every right to donate money to whatever political or social cause he is legally allowed and that he never donated money to Governor Kasich.  The truest hard fact is that George Soros is a businessman with many employees and despite his political interests he is not an inherently political figure; that hard fact means another hard fact is more relevant: George Soros does not implement ideological litmus tests for his employees.  Conservatives under the employ of Soros donated  money to John Kasich’s quest for the Presidency.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with conservatives working for whomever they can to make a living and definitely nothing with liking Governor Kasich enough to donate money. I, in fact, donated time because of my distaste for the Republican frontrunners, whom I feel are not real conservatives.


Why I finally donated my own time, energy, and endorsement to Governor Kasich over candidates that ranked further to the right on various “conservative” scorecards is something I need to explain later.

But not today.