This coming Friday and Satuday, April 8 through 9, is the Republican State Convention wherein state convention delegates select and elect delegates to the national convention in Cleveland, OH this coming July.  Cleveland is actually a cursed placed so many cannot be blamed for selecting others to go in their stead. On the other hand, many individuals are going as delegates because they have some sort of emotional investment in a politician. I can no longer identify with that perspective.  I remember that when I was young I was that sort of person.

Either it is curmudgeonly to not emotionally attach oneself to a candidate for President of the United States or it’s childish to see one of them as a great figure and a figure of hope.  On the other hand I still see Fred Thompson as a personal and political hero, a great man, and it hurt a little bit to see him sell reverse mortgages to put cash in the bank.

There are more national delegates than there are Congressional districts, by my reckoning. I cannot recall all their names and the means by which each Congressional district/caucus selects the delegates are so varied and arcane that any attempt on my behalf to seriously campaign on their behalf is not only asinine but a massive waste of time.  There are a few I openly and/or implicitly support but there is no endorsement and no investment on my behalf.  I want them to win but I cannot work towards it.  As it is, while this will fall on the Facebook, I doubt that my 3400 “friends” have too much overlap with the 3500 delegates and alternates to actually communicate a sound reasoning to all the attendees to sway an election one way or the other.

The other important matter at this convention is the election of our National Committeeman, the state party’s obligatory male representative to the Republican National Committee, and our National Committeewoman, the obviously female counterpart.

  • Dr Rob Steele would serve much better than David Agema’s hardline, narrow-viewed chosen successor, whom I’ve never heard of, so I assume that since I cannot recall even his name, he likely is unfit for the role.
  • Kathy Berden serves as our current National Committeewoman, since her predecessor vacated the position to run for the United States Senate.  Her only detractors are fools as she opposes no Republican and unlike me, she is kind to every faction and every conservative, centrist, or “conservative”.  She was appointed by the Michigan Republican State Committee at a meeting held far from the state’s population centers because we are required to placate the cold, frozen northerners in our party.

These individuals will serve to grow our Party, defeat Democrats and leftists, and ultimately contribute in a positive manner to the public policy process.  They also will, alongside our State Chairwoman, Ronna Romney McDaneil, attend RNC meetings and help craft the arcane rules which dictate just how our national convention will function this year.

The convention begins at 7 PM in Lansing, MI at the big convention center and the adjacent fancy hotel in the middle of downtown.  Now I’m not certain I want to go. A friend of mine is an actual staff member in the state house and he’s going to Chicago.  I want to go to Chicago.