Glenn, MaryBethDespite that she is very intelligent my compliments and praise toward MaryBeth Glenn, creator of the Collision blog, usually are visual, mildly superficial, and don’t entirely reflect well on me.  Well, they reflect well on my good taste.  My taste is awesome.  I have excellent taste.

Now it’s well-known that as I have a massive distrust of human beings, I don’t entirely trust legal authorities, even our society’s guardians, because those authorities are human beings.  That said, when a human being deserves praise for doing the right thing well, he (or she) should receive that praise, and Miss Glenn delivers that appropriately and well.  In the wake of the violence of this past week the bright spots should be emphasized.

Brown, David
The Dallas police, and their chief David Brown, are heroes. When he took over his goal was to improve the relationship between the police and the community. Just a few notes:

  • He overhauled lethal-force policies, requiring training every two months instead of the standard two years.
  • He put a specific team in place to gather data and analyze every violent interaction, including arrests that end in lethal force.
  • He insisted that police officers were trained to handle those with mental health issues, using lethal force as the very last resort.
  • He once noted that the “warrior” mentality is not for the police:
  • “It’s not a job for the warrior mentality,” Brown said. “Instead, we are guardians. We’re not at war with our communities. It’s just the opposite.”
  • He refuses to let a madman change the focus of a relationship between the people and Law Enforcement.

“Police officers are guardians of this great democracy. The freedom to protest, the freedom of speech, the freedom of expression. All freedoms we fight for with our lives is what makes us who we are as Americans… And so we risk our lives for those rights. And so we won’t militarize our policing standards…

We are not going to let a coward who would ambush police officers change our democracy. We’re not going to do it. Our city – our country – is better than that.”

  • Dallas has the fewest police officer-related shootings out of any large city in the USA, and their excessive force complaints have dropped by 64%.
  • He knows that imagery is imperative. He instituted “Coffee with Cops,” a time when residents can come and get to know those who patrol their neighborhoods.
  • Brown has fired over 70 cops since taking over. Not only has he fired and charged police officers for using force inappropriately (even if it wasn’t lethal), but he publicly praises officers who hold their fellow officers accountable for such treatment.

“One of the things that I really want to express about Officer Upshaw’s action is that we should not as a department ostracize him in any way,” Brown said. “We should applaud him coming forward, him intervening.”

  • He cracked down on unnecessary petty traffic stop revenue (cutting the tickets given by more than half). A move that didn’t result in more traffic accidents, FYI.
  • Brown and his staff believe in the freedom to express yourself, as well as the freedom to protest. They find it unnecessary to insist on placing rules, end times, etc., because it just causes more division when their men have to enforce rules that don’t line up with the freedom of expression.

Point being: The Dallas PD has worked tirelessly to put the right men and women on the job, and those on the job respect the rights of the people, and the relationship within the community. They are proud to protect those who wish to protest. They were taking photos with protesters before the shooting, and the day had been peaceful. Even now, countless protesters from that day have shown their support for the Dallas PD while still supporting their movement (it’s possible to do both). It is a slap in the face to the Dallas officers, and all they’ve worked for, to blame the shooting on the protesters that day. To say, “Those protesters were protesting the very officers who protected them” as a means of attack is a renunciation of all they fight to protect. That community has worked hard for their unity, the Dallas police and the people have become a model for this country. It’s tacky and belittling to try and score your political points by attempting to divide them because a madman committed a heinous crime.

Dallas police no justice no peace

Once again I prove my tendency to use other people’s work as content.  The general purpose for doing so actually is to archive their words in a place I can easily find them. That’s never the case with the Facebook.