Dennis Miller wrote a quick thing on the Facebook about being left alone and how well-intended tyranny is still tyranny. He used different words. For my amusement and your edification I corrected some punctuation and annotated as humorously as I could given my time constraints. Enjoy.

Anything piss you off more than do-gooders you’ve never met trying to pass legislation to keep you from practicing what they deem to be your bad habits? Listen, who says living forever under the “protective” thumb of some asshole windup artist who cloaks his passive aggressive nature in the guise of “caring” is a bonus? Stick it up your ass, Henry Higgins…I don’t need a pro bono speech therapist correcting my death rattle. I need for me and you to never meet or as a matter of fact, be even vaguely aware of each other’s existence. Thank you and we’ll leave the light on.