When Unites States Senator Marco Rubio, henceforth referred to as Little Marco, began his (first) race for the American Presidency he pledged that if he were defeated in the Republican Primary he would retire from public life. He lied.

To tell the truth it struck me as a pro wrestling move.  I remember a match between the Ultimate Warrior and the Macho Men where the loser promised to retire. “Career-ending matches” are bunk, but it makes for dramatic kayfabe.

Now that he’s running to retain his own US Senate seat, Little Marco tells us this

“Not only am I going to serve for six years — I’ve been honest with people [about] the things I want to achieve. Some may take longer than six years to achieve. And so that’s what my focus is on, 100 percent,” Rubio said on Newsradio 970 WFLA, according to CNN.

Rubio, who dropped out of this year’s GOP primary race after losing his home state, made similar comments during his debate Monday night against Murphy, when he promised to serve a full Senate term, “God willing.”

“If I wanted to run for something else, I wouldn’t have run for Senate,” Rubio said Wednesday. “My opponent keeps saying I’m gonna run for president. If I wanted to run for president in four years, I would have just stayed out of this race and started running on November the 9, which a lot of other people are going to do.

Who really believes that Little Marco isn’t intending to use his Senate seat as a platform to run for the Presidency?

Now, that said, let’s assume that Little Marco is telling the truth. At his age he can serve a full six-year term in the Senate as well as part of a third term and still be young and energetic enough to launch a run for the Presidency.  Let’s hope that by the time he actually runs for President the man is as good as his hype.