It’s definitely worth noting that the graphic is technically wrong. The 23rd Amendment to the United States Constitution gives the District of Columbia 3 Electoral College votes, all of which go Democrat every year. Naturally I say we should repeal the 23rd Amendment.

Last time we established, awkwardly yet definitively, that one of the Presidential nominees of the two mainstream political parties in the United States has used the Republican political establishment and electoral operation to disseminate the notion that his opposition was rigging the Presidential election and sabotaging the process in her favor.  This means that Republicans at the state level, partisan employed professional operatives, are undermining faith in the system out of a weird commitment to maintain a unified message.  The unified party line right now is that municipalities in Republican-controlled states across the United States are coordinating in a nationwide centrally-controlled scheme to hand control of the government to the Democrats.

I utterly despise when a Presidential candidate undermines faith in aspects of this country, those run by our everyday citizens, just so he can declare himself the savior.  Ted Cruz did it.  Barack Obama did it.  Donald Trump is doing it.  These vile politician-folk should be exiled in a slow wooden sail boat to China, sealed below decks with a recipe for scurvy.

Like our economy, the back bone of how votes are counted and elections ran isn’t a centralized control, but the people putting in the work.  These people are not professionals, however, but volunteers and everyday folk.  Typically they’re senior citizens, old folk.  Don’t put in the one man that clearly wants more of out of you than what he is willing to return in good faith and in good service.

Next in the series we talk about how, generally speaking, the volunteers securely count your votes.

After that I read you the riot act about writing in candidates, because of what you do to these senior citizens.

If you think I’ve missed anything just remember that the series on Election Rigging isn’t near over, and there’s a lot more to know about voting than just how to cheat.