I agree completely on this one.

I’m sick of discussing it, so this may be my last post about the “shutdown” and Obamacare:

First, I still maintain that the Republicans should give the Dems
everything they want. It’s become a propaganda victory for the low
information Obamatons who falsely blame the GOP for everything. Let it
proceed and when it turns into a horrendous disaster as it inevitably
will, let them own it and never let anyone forget it.

if Obama had a smidgen of sense, (which he doesn’t) he would delay
Obamacare for at least a year. The rollout has been a disaster. No one
is signing up and it’s becoming very clear that they don’t know what
they are doing. So hold off and let people think or come up with a
better (anything would be better) idea.

I know they won’t do this because they are morons if the worst kind–
morons who think they are smart. Meanwhile, we may get lucky and he’ll
fall victim to his various scandals and resign.

Over and out.

— Ed Hannigan

We should no longer have a wrecked sociopolitical situation where the Democrats can be enabled to toss out the lie that Republican obstructionism to their programs caused the problem.  Do not get me wrong, where Republicans can pass sensible legislation they should.  But where it is not possible for even sensible compromise to take place, let the Democrats have their way.  They won the seats that gave them this power.  They convinced the American people to let them have this power.  Since the Americans, with the the majority, of our votes, did this terrible thing, let the elections have real consequences.  Let Americans see and taste and experience the consequence of the terrible amateur they have inflicted.