My feelings on this video are divided between my hatred of furries and that of adult males wearing onesies. Both should be rounded up and sent to the camps. I’m uncertain which kind of camp but a vegan fat camp seems horrible.

As it is Bloodhound Gang branded themselves as sexual deviants regardless so either description seems to fit their intent for the video.  Perhaps it represents a disturbing cross of the two ideas, the two genre of awful.   Pretty obvious that the song title, then the lyrics are designed to disturb.  I don’t disturb easy, mind you.  If something is too far awful I relent from comment, let alone presentation.  I just like the music. I like the tune.

I suppose this 1999 song qualifies as a guilty pleasure song, assuming any of my pleasure is accompanied by guilt.

Still you should refrain from rewatching any musical video that essentially presents to you four copies of Ben Stiller.