This song stuck into my memory for the most obvious reason: a ludicrously faithful live action translation of the costume for the third Robin, Tim Drake, is worn by Eminem.

In the video Eminem and his partner Dr Dre seek to save a child from listening to the explicit lyrics of an Eminem album.  If Eminem is Rap Boy is Robin then Dr Dre is a fitting analogue for Batman.  Mind you there should never be the assumption that I am fluent in the ways of rap music.  This video first came to my attention on the big screen television in the dining hall my freshman year at Michigan State University and it played often.  I cannot recall if it was the campus’s music video streaming channel but I could swear it was on a regular cable channel that at the time still played music videos. Around 2000 and 2001 that could only mean VH1, I swear.

Then again, what do I know? I couldn’t catch or understand all the references beyond allusions to various Batman media and, of course, Elvis Presley, a white man essentially carving a modern understanding of a genre that at the time was assumed to the be the domain of black people.  The high school pop culture class was worth something. I’m sure my mom still disagrees.

The song and the video are self-referential to a profitable and genuinely interesting degree as he follows up directly to his previous works and rhetorically returns fire to the various critics of his earlier stuff.  At the time, Marshall Mathers was young. Then again so was I.

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Posting music videos and my impressions of them should be a source of fun content. Right?