In principle I love Inauguration Day as the most immediate proof and acknowledgement of how our republic differs from numerous dictatorships, autocracies, and assorted principalities across the globe: that we enjoy free elections to choose our leaders and the transfer of power from one leader to the next is a peaceful transfer of power, regularly and lawful.

I don’t celebrate Inauguration Day.  The pomp and circumstance bores me. I don’t remember the last speech I listened to from the last President or either of the Presidential candidates last year; I cannot recall the last speech I heard from the President Elect and I never heard him give a speech after he became the President Elect. I don’t recall if I saw the last three Presidential Inaugurations.

It is likely that I watched both times that President Bush 43 was sworn in.

The President of the United States is, ideally and constitutionally, a functionary of the citizens of the republic. He is not a king. He is a Head of State.  He is the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. He is “the leader of the free world” in a hyperbolic sense but he isn’t above us. He is not our god.  He is not a messiah. He is not supposed to be the pilot of the plane.  The President does not make laws. The President does not save people. The President does not improve our lives on the day to day en masse. Sorry.

I’m not sorry.

So today is Inauguration Day for a very controversial candidate. The President Elect will be sworn in as President. This will not be a disaster, a tragedy or a day of glory and I won’t indulge either strange extreme of feeling.

Here’s some help from the former State Chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans:

These are basically rambling thoughts, but in less than 10 hours, President Obama will leave office. Under any objective criteria, he will go down as a catastrophic failure. The Affordable Care Act double/tripled health insurance costs and made sure that fewer people had access to quality care. Our foreign adventures made little sense. Our foreign policy seemed designed to anger our allies at the expense of trying to make friends with people who had no interest in cooperation. Our Syria policy was a mess, we allowed Iran to have nuclear weapons. A traitor saw his sentence commuted the same day that as a radical terrorist from the 70s who was the mastermind behind a number of politically motivated terrorist bombings here in the U.S. More people left the work force, leading to distressed economic conditions in huge swaths of the country. The country was divided while the President dithered to focus more on social engineering his golf game. History will not be kind to the record of the Obama Administration.

Tomorrow Donald Trump will be sworn in as President. I did not vote for him. I do not believe he is a conservative. While he has made some decent personnel selections to date, I have exceedingly low expectations for him. Hopefully he will clear that relatively low bar and be a good President. I don’t know. You don’t either. I do know that the protesting that we have seen in DC tonight and around the country borders on the ridiculous. Whether you like it or not, the protesters are out of touch with the country, not just politically, but in the peaceful transfer of power between administrations. It’s not healthy for the country. You didn’t seen this when President Obama took the oath in 2009, or when George W. Bush took office in 2001, or before. Those who are disturbed with the Trump Administration should be just as concerned with the tone and tenor of these protests.

Tomorrow we get to see, for the 44th time, the peaceful transfer of power in our country. Embrace that, for all its worth, and for the people around the world who have never seen power transfer without violence and bloodshed.

Don’t forget, that no matter what happens in Washington, what really matters starts at home. You don’t like your neighborhood? Be a better neighbor. Don’t like the local policy? Run for office. Improving our communities, our towns, our states, and our country is spectator sport. Get involved.

In closing, I leave you with the words of Jerry Springer: “Take care of yourself, and each other.”

The simple reality of it all is that the protests against the President Elect will not matter.  It is not “the resistance”.  It is a collective of foolish childish morons throwing a public temper tantrum.  These people are not a fulfillment of any promise of this country but out of touch with the world.

These protests are not acts of politics or civic engagement.  They’re just self-indulgent exhibitions with the self-deluded false hopes that anything will be made better by public whining and mewling.

The sad part is that some of my friends, former friends, and friendly acquaintances will be among these trollops.

Assuming that this President will be a bad President there are numerous ways that an individual could be engaged civic and politically to mitigate the damage done and to improve the lives of your family and the community.  I will go into this later, especially because the people weeping about how the President will damn the country are in no mood to listen, absorb, and learn.

Let’s see how famous comedian Patton Oswalt suggests we celebrate the Inauguration.

This is actually a pathetic suggestion by Mr Oswalt, of whose work I remain a mild fan.

The part that I find silliest, and most unintentionally hilarious, is where he insists that what he is suggesting is about “fighting back” and that if we do what he says then we are working to “resist” Donald Trump.  The second silliest part is the insistence that “we elect leaders to take worry and tension OFF of our plates. We have enough of that as it is. But for some reason, we decided to put someone in charge where the everyday weight of keeping the world from cracking apart is COMPLETELY on our shoulders, along with everything else we already have to deal with.”

That’s ludicrous nonsense at best.  We don’t elect leaders to take tension and worry away from us.  The ability to manage our own lives and fears is the essence of goshdamn free will and Mr Oswalt insists we can legislate that away from us. Mr Oswalt’s political philosophy is anti-life, pure and simple.  Politicians do not exist to remove weight from our shoulders but to fulfill certain and specific, very limited functions.  If the pudgy little comedian thinks life is tough then perhaps he should divest himself of all the rewards of his labor and embrace the real difficulties involved in the life of the average man.  He could carry more weight on his shoulders.  He has the odd sense of how to begin his resistance.  While thinking of the inauguration we should tune our electronic devices to something that is not the inauguration.  So we’re orienting our intentions around politics anyway.

We should tip a barista because President Trump hates tipping? How does Patton Oswalt know this? Is Patton Oswalt just making up shit about Donald Trump in order to feel better that Hillary Clinton lost? He is possibly insane.

At his most lucid, Patton Oswalt is spreading fear. He is injecting fear into the hearts of his fan under the guise of cheering them on.  He is a fearmonger.  Fearmongers deserve to be crushed.  Instead of crushing them we need to give them a wide damned birth and let him die alone, shivering in the dark, unheard.

For what it’s worth if your friends do feel as if the world is crumbling around them because an election didn’t go as they supposed, then as your friend you are obligated to comfort them however you can, and tell them you have his or her back especially when they feel the most hopeless.

Here’s my contribution to my Democrat friends’ hope.

The American people elected a real estate mogul with an R next to his name that spent most of his life as a Manhattan Democrat.  There is no evidence his views have actually changed beyond what he said in speeches.  Chances are fairly good that he is still a Clintonite moderate Democrat.

and if Donald Trump is a Buchananite monster set out to round up all the immigrant children and ship them out of the country then I tell the truth, the least effective thing you can do right now is join 200,000 women out in the cold, saying things about the President a day after he is sworn into office.