Back in the last days of Newsweek as a serious periodical delivering substantial news and information an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court retired. This jurist, David Souter, was soon replaced by Sonia Sotomayor. (Obviously the replacement occurred after this issue was published). This rare and significant historical event inspired this wonderful, useful and relevant infographic:

It goes without saying that at this point the graphic is almost eight years out of date given John Paul Stevens’ retirement in 2010 and Antonin Scalia’s unexpected and tragic passing in 2016.

I noticed the page in an then-recent issue of Newsweek while I was waiting in a hospital waiting room. Thank God that didn’t result in tragedy.  I absconded with the waiting room magazine and carefully removed the awesome page before expertly disposing of the more or useless remnant of the issue. Obviously I scanned it; it’s awesome.

The death of Antonin Scalia created an opening for Barack Obama to nominate a third Associate Justice for the Supreme Court; he nominated Merrick Garland, whom as noted by my colleague, cedes an uncomfortable recognition of authority to the executive branch.  Mitch McConnell closed off all avenues for Judge Garland to be approved and seated to the high court, using all of his powers in a blatantly partisan gamble that ultimately paid off in a manner that benefits the entire country; Scalia’s actual successor, Neal Gorsuch, is less likely to roll over the for the President.

Naturally Democrats believe that Garland should be Justice, while in the same breath speak of how corrupt and evil President Trump is.  The contradiction is lost on them.

I suppose this is part of a series on the Supreme Court of the United States. That’s lovely.